AppleCare is now being replaced by a competitor that offers lower insurance for smartphones

It’s easy for customers to skip AppleCare+, Preferred Care, or similar protection plans due to the high costs. It’s not the end of the earth if your phone falls down a staircase or spills liquid on it. The newest devices are more resistant. Accidents still happen and a repair outside of the warranty can cost you several hundred dollars. Zagg, a mobile case company has unveiled an alternative plan that covers repairs to most smartphones for $99 per year.

Zagg Protect comes with a $49 deductible that you will have to pay when you bring it in for repairs. This covers internal and accidental failures such as cracked screens, liquid damage, and power outages.

The third-party plan is cheaper than the other similar device protection plans like AppleCare+ or Samsung Care Plus. After you buy your device, Samsung will give you a year of Samsung Care Plus at no cost. After that, it costs $4 to $13 per month. A cracked screen on any Samsung mobile phone will cost you $249. AppleCare, which comes free with every new iPhone, is very limited. It covers only malfunctions that are the manufacturer’s fault. For the most recent models, you can still get two years of AppleCare+ for $29, which covers screen repairs and other accidental damage.

Although Zagg’s plan has greater coverage than others, it is not unlimited. Only two repairs are covered in the 12-month coverage. The plan can only be used at authorized repair facilities. The plan does not cover repairs exceeding $500. Additionally, requires you to use a case for your phone.

Is it worth buying a phone repair protection plan? Consumers have the right to repair movement and can choose cheaper options such as third-party repair shops or self-repair kits. It’s not easy to completely destroy your iPhone X these days (see this video of an iPhone X still functioning in the bottom of a river). However, any mishap could be a major annoyance to your day.

The $1,000+ device most of us have on our person is our credit card and transportation accessibility, as well as our only means of communicating with other people. It all depends on how frequently you upgrade and your lifestyle.

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