According to Market.Biz analysis, the global hydropower generation market size is projected to worth around US$ 339.52 billion by 2030 and it is growing at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2022 to 2030.

Hydropower is one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of renewable energy. Hydropower generation uses the force of moving water to spin turbines, which in turn generates electricity.

Hydropower is a clean and renewable form of energy that has many benefits over other forms of energy generation. Hydropower generation does not produce air pollution or greenhouse gases, and it can be used to supplement other forms of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind power.

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Hydropower is a versatile form of energy generation that can be used on a small or large scale. Small-scale hydropower plants can be used to power individual homes or communities, while large-scale hydropower plants can provide electricity for whole cities or regions.
This report highlights the latest developments in 2017-2019 (the year for which new data became available since the publication of the 2017 Hydropower Generation Market Report). It also contextualizes the information with evolving high-level trends over past 10-20 years. The report not only presents trends over time but also discusses the differences between those trends by location, plant size, owner type or other attributes. The “In Brief” section summarizes some of the most important points, with charts and visuals from each of the seven chapters.

Hydropower Generation Market Segmentation:

Top Players covered in Hydropower Generation

BC Hydro
Rus Hydro
China Yangtze Power
Agder Energi
Duke Energy Corporation
Georgia Power Company
Stat Kraft

Main product types included in the report:

Large Hydropower
Small Hydropower

Applications included in the report:


High capital investments for hydropower generation plants

To set up the hydropower generation plants, lots of resources are required. Some of these resources are quite expensive in nature. The plant setup requires land and this land should be mostly riverside. For this, government approval is mandatory. Sometimes this also requires a good amount of money. In addition, labor cost is also added to the overhead cost of the plant. As a result, high capital investments for hydropower generation plants are hindering the growth of the global hydropower generation market.



Growing government initiatives

The government of various nations has understood the importance and necessity of power generation. For this, they are constantly taking efforts by collaborating and partnering with power generating companies. Moreover, the government is also investing in energy projects on a large scale. Thus, growing government initiatives is creating new opportunities for the growth of the global hydropower generation market over the forecast period.

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Lack of resources to generate hydropower

The developing and underdeveloped regions face plenty of issues. One such issue is lack of resources for the power generation. These regions take help from other developed regions in terms of resources. The government also collaborate major industry players of developed nations for this. As a result, lack of resources is a major challenge for the growth of the global hydropower generation market.
The purpose of the study of the Hydropower Generation market:

– Ensure the strategic profiling and analysis of key market players.

– Give insight into market growth factors. Analyze the Hydropower Generation market based on different factors, such as price analysis, supply chain analysis and five intercom analysis.

-Provide detailed analysis and forecasts for the global Hydropower Generation Market.

-Provide country-level market analysis for current size (Hydropower Generation Market) and future.

– Provide country-level market analysis of the segment by product type, application, and sub-segments.

-Establish historical and future revenues for market segments and sub-segments relating to four major geographical areas and their respective countries: North America, Europe and Asia.

– Analyze and monitor competitive developments, such as joint ventures and strategic alliances.

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