The temperature data logger is used to monitor temperature and humidity, mainly in those industrial sectors where ambient temperature and humidity play an important role. A distinction must be made between single-use instruments and long-term monitoring instruments.

Single-use instruments are mainly used to record values ​​in a short period of time. However, for production it is especially important to be able to determine humidity and temperature over long periods of time.

The global Temperature Data-logger market is anticipated to gain exponential industry growth over the given forecast period of 2022-2030, with a Forecast Value of $ 1,421.7 Mn, from $ 1,001.7 Mn, indexing a CAGR of 3.6% by the end of the aforementioned timeline.

The temperature data logger is for universal use, such as in a warehouse, a cold room, as well as in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Whether continuous recording of room temperature or long-term measurement with external thermocouples is required, you will find the most suitable device here.

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Many of our temperature data logger models save temperature values ​​in Excel or PDF format. In addition, you also have the possibility to display the temperature measurement values ​​of a temperature data logger in software in real time.

Global Temperature Data-logger Market Report Segments Split into Types, Applications, Companies, And Regions As Follows:

1. Market Players

Nietzsche Enterprise
Tmi Orion
Temprecord International
Digitron Italia
Ebro Electronic
Delta OHM
Gemini Data Loggers
Lascar Electronics

2. Market Segment by Type

Stand-alone Data Logger
Web-based Data Logger
Wireless Data Logger
BLE Data Logger

3. Market Segment by Application

Medical Industry
Food Industry
Electronic Industry
Agricultural Industry

A temperature data logger is used to measure and monitor temperatures. The values ​​of the temperature data logger are stored on a storage medium and will be available to the user for evaluation on a computer. The temperature data logger is often used to measure ambient temperature and humidity. This type of data logger is mostly used in the industrial sector where temperature and humidity play an important role.

This can be in the manufacturing process to meet quality requirements or also to log the conditions during transport or in a warehouse with the temperature data logger. Another type of temperature data logger with connection for an external sensor is used in industrial applications and in research. This type of temperature data logger is used to document the temperature of processes. This ensures that the quality of the product is identical, as the process is continuously monitored.

Most important features of a temperature data logger

When choosing an environmental temperature and humidity data logger, it is essential to consider where it will be used. Measurement accuracy may be more important in some sectors than in others. If you use the data logger to ensure that the environmental conditions in certain rooms are suitable, the accuracy will not be as important as in a special cold room. For the maintenance of the cold chain it is particularly important to have accurate values.

On the other hand, if you only want to measure environmental values ​​in the office, it will be enough to have values ​​that do not offer decimal precision. Therefore, information on measurement accuracy will be a determining factor when choosing the right instrument.


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