A government spokesman announced on Tuesday during the chancellor’s visit to Canada that Germany would send Ukraine a number of items, including three more Iris-T air defense systems, twelve armored recovery vehicles, 20 pickup-mounted rocket launchers, precision ammunition, and anti-drone devices.
The spokesman declared, “This is a start towards a lasting modernization of the Ukrainian military forces.”

Scholz had lately committed to providing Ukraine with more substantial financial and military help.

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Germany debated earlier this year whether or not to give Ukraine weaponry, which resulted to lengthy delays that drew harsh criticism from both domestic and international critics.

Berlin claims to have already given Ukraine 15 self-propelled GEPARD anti-aircraft cannons, 10 self-propelled howitzers, several armored personnel carriers, thousands of portable air defense devices, as well as a wide range of other lethal and non-lethal aid. However, supplies have sped up.


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