The former president said without evidence that the FBI may have concealed documents during the Mar-a-Lago investigation last month.

US judge asks Trump’s team to justify claims about FBI search

A US federal judge appointed to review documents seized from Donald Trump’s Florida home last month has ordered the US president’s legal team to provide evidence to support Trump’s illegal claims. that some of the files were stolen by the FBI. In a legal filing on Thursday, Raymond Dearie asked the Department of Justice to show by Monday a full description of the documents seized during the investigation of Aug. 8 of the FBI of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

He then asked Trump’s lawyers to hand over by September 30 a list of certain items they say are “not held in office” at the time of the search, as well as any corrections to the list of US government assets. “This submission will be the last opportunity for Plaintiff [Trump] to raise any factual disputes regarding the completeness and validity of the Comprehensive Property Code,” Dearie wrote.

Dearie was appointed this month as another neutral person, known as a special master, to review documents seized during the FBI’s search for any attorney-client documents and it is covered by attorney-client privilege. The American lawyer is Aileen, one chosen by one key representative of the government to the government who is likely to make a unique Master.

Information of judgment examines the Trump’s criminal damage to the resources of the resources in an unexpected review of the first officer. The Mar-a-Lago search warrant said officials are investigating violations of three different federal laws, including one that governs the collection, transfer or disposal of classified information under the Espionage Act.

The unsealed property receipts also show that the FBI seized 11 classified documents, some of which are marked not only classified but also “sensitive information”. Trump’s legal team called the investigation “misleading,” saying U.S. law gives presidents “special authority” to label their administration records as presidential or private.

The president’s legal team also questioned whether the documents marked “classified” taken from Mar-a-Lago were actually classified files, suggesting that Trump could declassify them before he leaves office. In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Trump suggested that the FBI may have hidden documents during the search.

“The problem you have is that they come into the house, they won’t let anybody near them; they won’t let them come into the same house. Did they put anything in those files? Or did they finally do it? There is no arrest process here with them,” he said.

Meanwhile, a US appeals court on Wednesday upheld a Justice Department request to lift Cannon’s immunity from its review of records. The ruling represents a major victory for the administration, clearing the way for investigators to continue examining the documents as they consider bringing criminal charges against Trump.


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