India Set to Get 5G By October: Surprise Announcement After Mega Auction

New Delhi: India’s fifth-generation (5G!) telecom services will be launched by October 2022. Monday’s spectrum auction was closed by the government. Reliance Jio (Bharti Airtel), Vodafone Idea/Vodafone Idea, and Adani Data Networks all submitted bids in excess of ₹1.50 crore.

Ashwini Vaishnav, the Union secretary of Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, addressed press briefings following the close of the 5G spectrum bidding. He indicated that 51.236 Mhz, or 71% of the available spectrum, was the highest-sold spectrum.

Over seven days, there were 40 rounds. The bid’s total amount is ₹1,50173 crore.
Mr. Vaishnaw indicated that the spectrum would go to the top bidder by August 10. India’s 5G service will likely go live in October.

“Auction is complete. He said that the auction will conclude in the following days, with the exception of August 10th.” The minister stated, “It seems like we would have 5G ready to go here by October.”

He further mentioned that “the 5G spectrum auctions showed that the country had made great progress with 5G technology.”

Mr. Vaishnaw asserted that greater spectrum access will lead to better quality services.
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited offered ₹88.078 crores. This amount is 58.65% or ₹1,50,173 crore of the total value that the government received through the 5G Spectrum Auction.

Jio has submitted bids to acquire the spectrum at 24,740MHz frequencies in 700, 800 1800, 3300, 3300, and 26GHz.
Bharti Airtel placed a bid for ₹43.084 crores to acquire the 19867.8MHz spectrum, 900 Mhz. Vodafone Idea Limited made bids worth ₹18,799 crores for spectrum in 1800, 2100, or 2500 MHz.

Adani Data Networks Limited submitted bids of more than ₹212 crores in order to purchase a 400Mhz spectrum within 26Ghz frequency.
Reliance Jio has placed bids to acquire 24,740MHz spectrum between 700, 800, and 1800 MHz.

Reliance Jio Infocomm’s Chairman Akash Mhani expressed concern at the auction results and stated that “We had always believed India would become an economic power in the global market by adopting the power-breaking technologies.”

This vision and conviction are the inspiration for Jio.
Jio’s 4G rollout had a world record speed, scale, and social impact. Jio has greater ambitions and is more determined than ever before to lead India’s 5G transition.

“We will celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Makhotsav by launching a 5G deployment across India. Jio is committed to offering 5G services and 5G enabled services at an economical price. Ambani made the announcement, “We will provide services to India’s digitization revolution, especially in critical sectors like education and healthcare.”

Bharti Airtel submitted bids of more than ₹43.084 crores to acquire a 19867.8MHz spectrum between 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100MHz. Ending on Monday, the 5G Spectrum Auction included frequencies bands of 3300 MHz, 26GHz, and 2100 MHz.

Bharti Airtel was the 2nd highest bidder in the 5G spectrum sale. Reliance Jio is the owner of 58.65% at ₹1,50173 crores.

Airtel was delighted with the results of 5G’s sale. BhartiAirtel’s Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO stated that “this spectrum acquisition at the auction is part of an intentional plan to buy spectrum assets for a substantially higher relative price than our competitors.”

“This will give me the opportunity to be innovative and to respond to the needs of every customer in India who is looking for the best experience. He added that we are confident of delivering the best possible 5G experience for India in terms of both coverage, speeds, and latency. Vittal claimed Bharti Airtel, using the spectrum it bought through the auction, would be able to alter many established paradigms.”

5G technology has the potential to transform India’s manufacturing and service industries. We will not abandon the government’s Digital India vision. Mr. Vittal stated, “We remain committed to it. We will do all that we can to ensure India becomes a technologically leading country.”

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