Zoom introduces Zoom One, the next edition of its platform

Zoom has launched Zoom One, a new service that combines chat, phone, and whiteboarding capabilities into a single environment. Zoom One users will have access to Zoom’s collaboration tools and can carry out tasks such as making video or phone calls using chat messages, or creating whiteboards from the Zoom desktop.

Company President Greg Tomb announced the launch in the press release. He stated that Zoom had developed from a meeting application to a detailed communications platform and that it was evident that the next step was to introduce new wrapping as Zoom One.

He stated that by combining phone, chat, meetings, and whiteboard into one offering, he was able to provide solutions that are easy for customers so they can concentrate on the most important business issues.
Zoom One offers six-tiered plans to customers. These include Basic, Pro, and Business versions.

Zoom One Basis offers free Zoom Meetings for 40-minute with 100 people, together with ongoing Zoom Chat for team communication, a small Zoom Whiteboard for asynchronous or synchronous work, and real-time translation.

Zoom One Pro offers all the Zoom One Basic features without time limitations and cloud-based recording.

Zoom One business offers all the Zoom One Pro features, plus Zoom meetings for up to 300 people and unlimited Zoom Whiteboards.

One Business Plus by Zoom All the advantages of Zoom One Business plus unlimited local calling with Zoom Phone Pro. The updated translation function for Zoom is also accessible.

Both Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus offer all the services that Zoom One Business does, as well as more meeting space and extras like Zoom webinars. The Zoom Phone Pro feature of Zoom One Enterprise Plus offers limitless local calling.

Multilanguage captions and translations

Users will have access to bilingual captions through Zoom’s new Zoom One Business Plus, and Zoom One Enterprise Plus, Zoom One Enterprise Plus plans. At launch, the captions may translate between Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, and Italian in addition to Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Zoom now offers automated captioning in 10 additional languages. Automated captions used to be supported only in English. However, live translation is now offered in all ten languages.
In the Enterprise Plus, Business Plus, and Enterprise Plus tiers, multilingual automated captions will be offered. Additional backing for other ventures will be available soon.

Software development kit for Zoom Apps
This week, Zoom also made the announcement that all developers may now access its Zoom Apps development program through the Zoom Apps SDK.

The Zoom Apps JavaScript software development kit (SDK) was created to give programmers all the tools and infrastructure they require to create Zoom Apps inside the Zoom Platform. Using the Zoom App marketplace, developers may connect with Zoom consumers thanks to the Zoom Apps SDK. Users may now simultaneously find and add new programs thanks to this. According to Zoom, its developer partners have released more than 100 apps in total through its app store.

According to Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson, “with the introduction SDK of Zoom Apps, the Zoom Developing Platform keeps growing and provides developers new ways to include video communications with cooperation into their projects, revolutionizing business operations forever.”

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