Erdogan attributed the revival of the grain trade to his relationship with Putin

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, gave his personal credit
Relations with Vladimir Putin to quickly return to United Russia
A nation-backed deal that enabled Ukraine to send millions of ships
tons of grain on the international market during the war.

Russia on Saturday accused Ukraine of attacking its ships
No longer participate in activities that are required
Ease the blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. Erdogan announced
Earlier on Wednesday, Moscow had agreed to resume it

β€œHe [Putin] does not agree to open grain corridors through others. But
With me, when I called, and I called yesterday, he opened immediately
grain corridor today,” Erdogan said in a broadcast interview
Channel ATV.

Turkey backed the deal in July and established a joint
A cooperation center with Russian, Ukrainian, UN and Turkish inspectors in Istanbul who inspect vessels passing through the Black Sea and Turkish Straits.

Erdogan said he proposed to Putin the use of the shipping corridor
For Russian fertilizer and grain, and Putin requested it
Grain will first be sent to Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia to reduce
Erdogan then held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr
“And we’re going to go,” Zelensky said on Wednesday about Russia’s requests
Increase our steps accordingly,” he said.

Turkey’s president remains estranged from other NATO leaders
Putin has been close to Putin since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Ankara has
Condemned the invasion, but refused to join Western sanctions
Its commercial links against and instead of Moscow have deepened.

Erdogan professed affection for Putin in the interview.
It was incorrect for other world leaders to criticise one of their chiefs.
The world’s most prestigious international destinations,” from which one cannot reasonably expect,” to say

“Yes” in response to an assault like this.

Erdogan said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told him over the phone
Call on Tuesday that he wants to make an understanding now

β€œA month ago, Olaf was in a completely different place, now he is A
A different place,” Erdogan said. β€œHe sees that Mr. Putin is not somebody
If you come to Him, who will be left behind? He [Sholz] says, ‘So
Let us find a consistent point in the absolute sense so that we have a


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