Volodymyr Zelensky

Serhii Nykyforov, Zelensky’s spokesperson, stated that the President was accompanied by medics who also assisted his driver and transferred him to an ambulance. Law enforcement will investigate the crash thoroughly.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, was involved in a car accident. However, he is not seriously hurt, according to the Ukrainian media portal

Zelensky’s spokesperson Serhii Nykyforov stated in a Facebook post that on 15 September, a car collided and struck the presidential car.

According to the media portal, Zelensky was checked by a doctor following the accident. He is not believed to have been seriously hurt. Zelensky’s driver was also assisted by medical personnel who accompanied him. They were then transferred to an ambulance. Nikiforov stated that law enforcement will investigate the accident thoroughly.

After Kyiv’s six-month-long occupation of parts of the east, Russia and Ukraine seem to be moving into a new phase of their war. A fast-moving offensive saw Ukrainian troops move quickly into the strategically important city of Ilium.

It was more than just a military victory when Ukrainian forces entered Izium on Saturday. This was a sign of Russian troops trying to retain the territory they have seized over the past six months.

Five days after Ukrainian forces launched a new offensive through the Kharkiv region, Russian forces had to evacuate the strategically important eastern city. “Russians fled and left behind weapons and ammunition. “The city center is free,” said a spokesperson of the Bohun Brigade of Ukraine’s Land Forces of Ukraine in a statement on Saturday afternoon.

According to President Volodymyr Zilenskyy, Ukrainian forces liberated the settlement of Chkalovske from Russian troops in Kharkiv. “Another settlement freed!” “Another free settlement!” Zelenskyy stated.

Zelenskyy stated in a video message that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated and taken over more than 30 settlements within the Kharkiv region. These are the most aggressive ground attacks by the Ukrainians since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Since spring, weapons, weapons, and weapons have been on the agenda. Thank you to all our partners for answering our call. Our shared successes on the battlefield are Ukraine’s. The three agenda items are now schedule, schedule, and schedule. “Prompt supplies bring victory closer,” tweeted Dmytro Kuneba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


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