Hair Transplantation Market

Alopecia is a chronic dermatological condition that affects people between 25 and 35 years old. Alopecia areata (androgenetic alopecia), Alopecia totalis (ophiasis), Alopecia totalis (chignon alopecia), Alopecia universalis) and Traction alopecia are some examples of hair loss.

A surgical procedure called hair transplantation involves the surgical removal of hair follicles in a specific area of the body, known as the “donor site”, and the transplantation of these follicles to another balding or balding region of the body, the “recipient location”. It can be used to repair eyelashes, eyebrows or chest hairs, as well as to replace scar tissue from previous hair transplants or accidents.

What is a hair transplant?

  • This is a form of surgery that involves moving hair to replace thin or missing hair. These transplants have been performed in the United States since the 1950s. However, techniques have improved significantly in recent years.
  • The procedure is usually performed in the doctor’s chair. The surgeon will first clean your scalp and then inject medicine to numb your back. The surgeon will decide between follicular units strip surgery (FUSS), or follicular units extraction (FUE).

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Who is a good candidate to have a hair transplant done?

  • Retining hairline in man
  • Are you a male in your 20s who is suffering from hair loss? You may not be able to wait for a hair transplant, and then start using a hair loss medication.
  • All races are eligible for hair transplants.
  • Two things are required to be eligible for a hair-transplant:
  • You should have enough healthy hair on your scalp to transplant it to the area that is in dire need.
  • Ability to grow hair in the thinning areas of your scalp

What happens during a hair-transplant?

  • A hair transplant can take anywhere from four to eight hours. You may have to return for a few more hours if you have a lot of hair.
  • The majority of patients are awake throughout the procedure and only require anesthesia to numb the scalp. To help with relaxation, some patients may also need a mild sedative.
  • Hair transplant surgery
  • The average time for hair transplant surgery is between 4-8 hours.
  • Your dermatologist will remove the healthy hairs. Your dermatologist can remove healthy hairs using natural-looking methods. This could include removing individual hairs or cutting off a section of your scalp with healthy hairs.
  • Although it takes longer, this option leaves a smaller scar on your scalp. If you prefer buzz cuts or close-shaven haircuts, this can be a good option.

What are the results of a hair-transplant?

  • Patients typically see results within six to nine months. Some patients may take 12 months.
  • The transplanted hair will eventually fall out between two to eight weeks after surgery. This is normal. The hair will appear thinner after the third month. This is normal.

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