Israel detects Florona

A new type of infection was discovered just in time for the end of 2021 after all the turmoil that the world experienced. Israel discovered yet another deadly infection, Florona, just a day before New Year’s Eve. It is thought to be a combination of influenza and COVID-19. This double infection is reported amid a worldwide Omicron scare. It is the latest variant of concern to be detected over the past year. Arab News, a Riyadh-based newspaper, shared the update.

According to reports, the first Florona infection was found in a pregnant lady who was due to give birth at Rabin Medical Centre. Yedioth Ahronoth reports that the woman hadn’t received the COVID-19 vaccine. According to reports by Hindustan Times, Dr. Nahla Abdel Wahab from Cairo University Hospital said that double infections are a sign of an immune system breakdown.

Florona is not an entirely new variant of Omicron or Delta. This is likely due to an increase in influenza cases in Israel’s COVID-19 epidemic. However, double infection was enough for netizens to be terrified.

The Omicron variant is spreading to many countries, with reports of an increase in cases in the UK as well as the US. Infection rates for this highly transmissible variant have surpassed those of the Delta variant. According to NDTV reports, India has seen approximately 1,500 cases. However, the true numbers could be as high as 18,00. The country is experiencing a rapid rise in cases.

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