Sony Cuts All Shipments to Russia in Response to the Invasion of Ukraine; PlayStation Stores will continue to be closed

The Russian attack on Ukraine is a topic of great interest to the whole world. In the past few weeks, we have seen that Russia has been met with strong criticism from the rest of the world for creating this war situation. Many companies in the west have boycotted Russia because of its business dealings. Now, Sony has joined the club and announced that it will no longer sell its PlayStation consoles or software in Russia.

Sony has ceased all shipments to Russia as the country faces economic turmoil. This news comes as a surprise, as Sony was one of the few companies that continued to do business in Russia throughout the years of sanctions and political unrest. The decision to halt shipments may be a sign that Sony is losing confidence in the Russian market, which is currently in a state of flux. The move could also be an attempt to protect Sony’s interests in other markets, as Russia continues to struggle economically.

Sony Suspended Sale In Russia…

Sony confirmed in a blog post that it will suspend Russian hardware and software sales. The launch of Gran Turismo 7 the racing game is also canceled in Russia. Also, PlayStation Stores will no longer be available for Russia.

Sony announced that it would donate 2 million U.S. Dollars to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Save the Children to help provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and other countries in the region.

The company hopes that the situation in Ukraine will soon be resolved. Because of the invasion of Ukraine, multinational companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and Starbucks have already stopped providing services to Russia. Russia is now facing backlash from the rest of the world for its stupid decision.

Russian consumers will now have fewer choices when it comes to electronics, as Sony has decided to stop shipping its products to the country. This decision comes after sanctions were put in place by the US and Europe in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Other electronics companies are likely to follow Sony’s lead, as they do not want to risk doing business in Russia. This will leave Russian consumers with fewer options when it comes to purchasing high-end electronics products.

Lumen Technologies recently severed all ties to Russia and refused to provide internet access to Russia.

Lumen connects people and businesses – our services affect almost every aspect of modern living. The lumen cannot continue to be a business in Russia because of the changes in Russia’s life. Our business services are very small and limited, as well as our physical presence. We are however taking steps to stop any business from the area.

Sony has announced that it will stop shipping products to Russia, as the country’s economic crisis deepens. This decision underscores the seriousness of Russia’s economic crisis and its potential consequences for the global economy. The Russian ruble has lost half its value against the dollar in the past year, and inflation is now running at over 17%. The Russian government has been unable to stem the tide, and the country is now in recession.

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