An unrepentant war correspondent, well-known for his closeness to the Kremlin, and for his controversial statements encouraging Vladimir Putin’s bet on nuclear weapons, made an honest error while speaking on Russian state TV. He reported that the Ukrainian armed forces had suffered “huge losses” during the conflict in Ukraine. The journalist was aware of the implications of his statement and immediately removed it to make sure that the Russian troops were enjoying “great success”.

Russia is using propaganda to maintain support and control discontent in society. One strategy is to make it appear that the Putin side has emerged victorious from the invasion of Ukraine. It is therefore about censoring information that may show a defeat on a front or the exact number killed in combat by Russian soldiers.

This strategy was easy until now with Putin ahead. The recent victories of Ukraine in Kharkov, a Ukrainian area bordering Donbas have opened up a new phase in the war. Zelensky’s Army seems to be taking over in certain areas. The Russian correspondent covering the war in Donbas said that the Ukrainian troops had been evacuated.

Sladkov stated that people here hope that we will hit the enemy so hard that he will be on his back. He spoke live on state television channel Rossiya 1 Sladkov said, speaking live on state television channel Rossiya 1, that “we are losing a lot people, we’ve been hurt.

Sladkov’s words were retracted in seconds. He tried to fix the situation by saying that Russia is enjoying “great successes” while focusing attention on Russia’s long-range aircraft. “But again, we didn’t finish the job… What are people saying?” We are winning on points. He said, “But we’d like to knock out.”

According to Francis Scarr, a journalist at the BBC and an expert on Russia who is based in Britain, this is the first time something like this has been reported on Russian state TV since the invasion. He stated on Twitter that Alexander Sladkov had forgotten who he was talking about, judging by the way he changed his address.


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