Four Turkish soldiers were killed while fighting in northern Iraq.

Four Turkish soldiers were killed while fighting in northern Iraq.

Four Turkish soldiers were killed while fighting in northern Iraq.

Turkey is currently fighting PKK forces in northern Iraq. The most recent launch of Operation Claw-Lock was in April.

According to the defense ministry of Turkey, four Turkish soldiers were killed in an encounter with fighters in northern Iraq.

Late Sunday night, the ministry stated that the incident occurred in an area where Turkey was conducting a cross-border operation called Claw-Lock.

The ministry stated that operations in the region continue.

Turkey is regularly involved in operations in Iraq, which lies at its southern border. This is part of an offensive against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK members based in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region).

In 1984, the PKK launched an armed revolt against the Turkish government. They first sought independence, then autonomy. The conflict has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people.

Operation Claw-Lock was launched by Turkey in April to attack the PKK’s northern Iraq hideouts.

Turkey, the United States, and the European Union consider the PKK a terrorist group.

The Iraqi government has criticized Ankara’s military operations against northern Iraq, accusing Turkey of not respecting Iraq’s territorial integrity.

After an attack on a resort located in northern Iraq’s Duhok Province in July, the Turkish authorities claimed that Turkey had “blatantly violated” Iraq’s sovereignty. They summoned Ankara’s ambassador to Baghdad.

Eight people were killed in the attack.

Turkey denied being responsible and claimed that terrorists carried out the attack.


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