Google Lens can make you an expert in mobile tech magic. You must know how to use it. It’s not far away. Your Android phone has a secret superpower. It is a futuristic system that connects the digital and physical worlds.

It’s just a tiny bit called Google Lens. Google doesn’t seem to make much of it. This little guy has been lurking around Android for many years and slowly becoming more powerful. It is not possible to go looking for it.

Google Lens is at its core a search engine for finding the real world. After it has identified an object, you can interact in a variety of interesting ways with it. But it’s more common-seeming productivity powers that make it more useful in your everyday life.

Grab the Google Lens app for Android and install it on your Android smartphone.

Google Lens Trick No 1. Copy text from the real world

Google Lens is the most powerful and relied upon the tool. It can extract text from any book, paper, whiteboard, tattoo, or other material. The text can be copied to the clipboard of your phone and saved to a Google Doc. Note, email, or Slack Chat.

To do this, open Google Lens App and tap on “Search With Your Camera”. Next, point the camera at the text around you. Next, tap on the “Search with the camera” section at top of the screen. You can now hit the “Copy content” command at the bottom of the screen. All words on the screen are now saved to your computer’s clipboard.

Google Lens trick No. 2. You can send a real-world text to your computer

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t work only on our Android smartphones. A lens is a tool that can help you to understand the real-world text. The steps remain the same as before. These steps are the same as the first time.

Just select the system you want, and the original text of the physical document will appear on your computer’s keyboard. You can paste it into any text area in any program or process that supports pasting

Google Lens trick No. 3. Hear the real-world text aloud

Perhaps you were given a lengthy memo or a printed short. Maybe you received a lengthy memo or a printed brief. Simply point your smartphone at the newspaper as you did before.

Then, tap the “Text” button. Look at the bottom panel for the little “Listen” option. Google Lens app will show you text in a friendly and soothing voice.

Google Lens trick No. 4. You can interact with text on an image by clicking the “+” button

The lens can also extract text out of images. It can also extract text from images, both screenshots, and live photos. This second part opens up many interesting possibilities. The tracking number is an unusual type of text that cannot be copied.

Now take a picture. Next, press the volume up and power buttons together on your smartphone. Once you have done that, you will be able to go to Google Lens. Then click the image and then tap “Text “. You can now select the text that is most relevant to you. There you can copy the text and send it to another machine. Or you can perform any Lens boundary-defying trick.

Google Lens trick No. No. 5: Google Lens trick

Once you’ve selected any text in the Google Lens App app, swipe your fingers left over the row options at the bottom of the panel. It will display the “Copy text” option, the “Copy–to computer” option, and other options.

The first is “Search”, which can be used to find related documents and images without the need to enter any keywords. In a similar vein.

Google Lens trick No. 6: Search Google Lens for Similar Visuals

Lens will search the Internet looking for images that match the object in your image or photo.

Google tricks can be pulled off by searching for “Search” in the main slide bar of options at bottom of the Lens interface. It’s not. However, it’s confusingly different from the text-oriented command we just reviewed.

Google Lens trick 7: Create an event in your calendar

If you find something with a date, such as a flyer or a billboard, or an invitation to Aunt Sally’s weekly dinner party, don’t bother entering it into your digital calendar. Instead, instead use Google Lens.

Tap on the date, and your Android phone will aim its lens at the paper. Clicking on it will take you to your preferred calendar app, where you can edit and save the information.

An additional bonus tip: It is possible to work on multiple devices at once with this trick

Google Lens trick No. 8: Save someone’s contact information

You’re a professional if you hold a business card, and think, “Well Blamey! I sure as hellfire don’t want all that in my contacts application!” Congratulations! Lens will do all the heavy lifting.

Open Lens. To point your phone at the card, use its cameras. Tap on the name to open Google Lens. It will prompt you for contact information. You are done!

Google Lens trick No. 9: Email, call or text a website to navigate

An address that you need to call to perform a specific action. Or you can take a picture of the item and then open the Lens app to retrieve it later.Lens will then recommend the correct thing for the information it has seen. You don’t have to waste your time typing.

Google Lens trick No. 10: Translate text in the real world

Google Lens also features a translator function. Open the app and point your smartphone at any text. Next, click on the word Translation. ”
Lens will replace any words on your screen in just seconds It’s almost scary how powerful and fast it can do.

Pas mal, eh?

Google Lens trick No. 11: Act as your online calculator

The lens can help you solve any numerical problems you face.

Open Lens and point your device towards the equation. (It doesn’t matter what the label means: To use this feature ), you don’t need to be a bright-eyed student. Lens has the ability to perform basic calculations, advanced math, and biology. You will get an answer in a flash.

You don’t have to say anything, but I will.

Google Lens trick No. 12: More scan codes

Before Android code-reading apps, it was not popular. It is still very popular. Just open Lens and point your camera to any barcode or QR code. Lens will then instantly show you.

But wait! If you own a Pixel phone, it will make things even easier.

Google Lens trick No. 13: Use the Google Lens trick

The tricks we mentioned are possible not only through Google Lens but from any other useful locations on your device. Google Image Search It will provide any information you need about what is displayed.

Photos from Google You can copy text, activate links, and gain additional context for everything Lens recognizes. Lens for Pixel phones – Lens can be found in your regular camera app.

Google Lens trick No. 14.Access Google Lens with a single finger

A meta tip, last but not the least. Stop tapping and swiping if you need to quickly access Google Lens. Instead, say: “Hey Google! Open Google Lens! Your friendly assistant will gladly oblige once you’ve downloaded the Lens app.

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