Tuesday’s hearing was held by the House Select Committee. It investigated the January 6 insurrection and provided new details about Trump’s pressure on state officials to assist him in overturning the 2020 presidential elections.

Gabe Sterling, Gabe Raffensperger’s deputy, and Brad Raffensperger were the Georgia secretary-general of state. They were also two of three Republican officials who spoke at the panel. Trump’s outreach was extended to all three of them after the election. Rusty Bowers (president of the Arizona House of Representatives) was also present.

These officials also testified in the past that they did not want to be involved in legal dubious schemes to defeat the election, such as a plan to subvert Electoral College and elect fake Trump voters.

These are the main points of Tuesday’s hearing.

Republican testimony connects Trump to the scheme to rig the elections

Multiple witnesses testified to Trump’s participation in the attempt of presenting fake electors’ slates in key battlegrounds states — an important part of the larger effort against Biden’s legitimate win.
Trump’s key allies included Rudy Giuliani. Witnesses Tuesday gave more details on Trump’s involvement in the push and his endorsement of it.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman for the Republican National Committee, testified in her testimony that Trump called her after his election to ask if she would help him assemble the electors.
“In this endeavor. What did President McDaniel say to you when calling? McDaniel is seen in the video. An investigator from the committee asked McDaniel.

McDaniel said that he just handed the call to Mr. Eastman. McDaniel also stressed the importance of the RNC supporting the campaign to collect contingent electors in case legal challenges impact the outcome.

She stated, “I think that they were more concerned in helping them reach across to assemble them. …. It seems that the campaign took control and we were supporting them. Bowers revealed to the committee that she received a call from Trump and Giuliani informing her to follow a plan for presenting illegitimate pro-Trump State electors.

Bowers claimed Tuesday that he informed Giuliani (and Trump) that he doesn’t want Trump to use him as a pawn.
Giuliani admitted that he had not done what he wanted before but continued to push it, according to the testimony of the Arizona House Speaker. Bowers claimed Eastman and other individuals had also had a conversation.

This committee’s new information shows how House Republicans supported Trump’s efforts to rig an election

Tuesday’s hearing revealed more details about two Republican Congressmen who played a role in Trump’s enormous efforts to reverse his 2020 electoral loss. Andy Biggs from Arizona, a Republican representative, was first. Bowers was contacted in the morning of January 6th, 2021, by Biggs to inquire about his support of decertification for Biden’s state residents.

Bowers testified Tuesday to the fact that “I said no.”

The second came just minutes later, as Mike Pence, then-Vice President of the United States, was about to give in the joint session of Congress that certify the electoral polls. The committee received text messages that indicated that Ron Johnson of Wisconsin’s Republican Senator asked how Johnson could deliver fake Trump voter lists to him. These false slates weren’t sent by the National Archives. Pence’s aide suggested that Johnson shouldn’t give it.

Trump’s campaign employed two tactics to stop the legislative from approving the election on January 6. The first was to decertify Biden voters, and the second was to present fake Trump voters. Five House GOP members were subpoenaed to the committee by the committee, including Biggs (House Minority Leader) Kevin McCarthy.

The House Republicans refused compliance with subpoenas.

Bennie Thompson of Mississippi was a Democratic Rep. He stated that the committee hadn’t yet reached Johnson, despite the revelations about his involvement. Thompson stated that Thompson had not been called to testify because the “committee hasn’t made a decision”.

Witnesses tell how Trump’s lies have led to negative outcomes and even threats.

The session revealed how Trump’s election-related lies lead to a series of catastrophes that state officials had to face.
All the witnesses present at Tuesday’s session discussed the dire consequences of Trump’s exaggerated statements. There were many attempts to refute these charges. Trump supporters also tried to pressure them to support the election campaign. They threatened to stop them from doing this.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California was a Democrat. He stated during Tuesday’s hearing that “despite senior Department of Justice officials, including the attorney general, telling Trump otherwise, these lies were propagated and state officers were pressed to accept them.” These stories were very much like the Trump-backed campaign against Pence, including the threats he received from Capitol rioters

Bowers was moved to tears by the “disturbing”, protests that took place outside of his house. Bowers cried while he spoke of the devastating effects of protests on his wife. His wife was already very sick and was “upset” at the events outside. He also read extracts from his journal about friends who had turned on him.

Bowers also spoke up about Trump’s inability to accept no for an explanation and continued pressing him until the morning of January 6 to support decertifying state electors.
Raffensperger recounted the threats Raffensperger made to his wife after the election. Raffensperger had tried to make Raffensperger quit, he said. Schiff cited Raffensperger’s Memoir, in which Raffensperger wrote “I felt there and believe it today that it had been a menace.”

Trump supported Jody Haice, the Republican primary challenger to Raffensperger, a Georgia GOP Rep. as part of his campaign for removing Republicans who had lied about the election. Raffensperger prevailed in his primary election

Republican officials led the opposition to Trump.

In an attempt to support Trump, the Democratic-run January 6 Committee turned again to Republican officials. Surprisingly, more than 90% of those present were Republicans.

Three conservative Republicans who voted in support of Trump in 2020 gave testimony Tuesday at the hearing. Deposition clips were also shown by Bryan Cutler, Mike Shirkey (Michigan State Senate leader), and the Pennsylvania House.

All of them gave evidence against Trump and detailed Trump’s attempts to influence them to change the results. They also described the threats they received from Trump supporters.

The high percentage of Democrats in the committee’s composition is one of the major complaints of the GOP. It’s because the Republican leadership declined to participate last summer that it’s now. The most shocking evidence has been provided by Trump’s inner circle, Republicans and his closest friends.

Trump refuted Real-Time by Top Arizona Republican

Bowers said Tuesday that Trump had lied to him in a press release just before the hearing started. Trump stated that Bowers had in November 2020 informed him that he believed Trump’s election had been rigged.

Bowers was attacked and he claimed that they had had a conversation shortly after the election. He claimed that he had said to him that the election had been rigged. He said that he believed he had already won Arizona. Trump said that Bowers should thank him for not having a tape.
Bowers admitted that they had “a conversation” although it wasn’t that.

Bowers stated that Trump’s statement was truthful in parts, but false in others. “…Anywhere. Anyone can claim I said that the election had been rigged. It wouldn’t be true.

These remarks were a counter-argument to the claims of the former president. Trump can make whatever comments in a conference press conference, but Bowers has to be truthful in front of Congress. Bowers may be tried for the omission.

The back-and-forth recalls Trump’s 2017 conversations in which he lied about what he discussed with James Comey (ex FBI Director), raising the possibility that Trump may have “tapes.” Bowers was also present during Comey’s testimony in Congress concerning his conversations and Trump.

Schiff once more examines the disturbing Trump call

It was fascinating to see Schiff look at the troubling Trump’s phone call with Georgia election officers. There, he tried convincing him not to accept Biden’s win and to interfere to ensure he prevailed.

These phone conversations were significant because they revealed Trump’s past mistakes. Remember that Schiff was also the lead investigator for Trump’s initial impeachment. It revolved around a conversation Trump held with Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019, in which Trump forced Zelensky openly to admit that his country was looking into Biden.

The White House published an audiotape, but not a transcript in such cases. The January 6th Committee recorded Trump’s Transition-era conversations with Frances Watson and Raffnesperger, who are top investigators in the Georgia secretary of state’s offices.

Trump’s plan for overturning the 2020 election — This was what Schiff warned him about in his first impeachment court case. He was not found guilty. The trial focused on Trump’s attempts at influencing the integrity of the election. These hearings on January 6 will reveal Trump’s attempts to influence foreign elections to get the votes he desires.

Trump’s disinformation can be seen in the emotional testimony

Later in the day, the committee heard Wandrea (or Shaye), Ruby Freeman, and Ruby Moss, who were both election workers for Atlanta in 2020. Trump, Giuliani, and other GOP members placed them both in their lies about voter corruption in Georgia.

Trump’s presidency often was covered up with lies and his words. Moss & Freeman shared their deeply personal, emotional testimony and exposed Trump’s lies.

They described how Trump’s lies almost ended their lives on terrible terms.

Moss claimed that she felt helpless and gained 60 pounds. Moss also stopped giving out her business card as “I don’t want anyone knowing my name.” Her mother claimed that her mother gets anxious when she needs to order food. She fears that Trump’s lies could make someone recognize her name. After two months of hiding, she claimed she felt “homeless”.

Freeman claimed that “I feel lost” and blamed a group, including Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani made it easy for Freeman and his ally Rudy Giuliani (to make scapegoat me) and Shaye to spread lies regarding the election’s theft. Tuesday’s hearing featured a videotaped clip of this deposition.

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