Ukraine seizes towns that were seized by Russia in the early days after the invasion. The West urges Ukraine to send more weapons to support the advance.

In a counteroffensive, Ukrainian troops are pushing deeper into Russian-occupied territory. This has done a tremendous damage to Moscow’s military reputation.

The advance continued Tuesday with the border guards of Ukraine claiming that the army had taken control of Vovchansk, a small town located just 3km (2 mi) from Russia. It was captured on the first day.

The mayor of the city stated that Russian troops had also left Melitopol, in the south, and were heading to Moscow-annexed Crimea.

Moscow however stated at its daily briefing, that its military was conducting “massive strike” on the Ukrainian frontline.

According to the Russian defense ministry, “Air, rocket, and artillery forces are conducting massive strikes against units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in all operational directions,” Tuesday’s statement said.

It added that “high-precision” strikes were also launched against Ukrainian positions in the eastern Donetsk area around Sloviansk, Konstantinovka and other areas.

Moscow has abandoned its northeastern Ukraine stronghold on Saturday, marking its worst loss since the beginning of the war. Ukrainian troops have retaken dozens of towns in what seems to be an amazing shift in battleground momentum.

When asked if Ukraine has reached a turning point during the six-month-long war, United States President Joe Biden replied that it was difficult to say.

“It is clear that the Ukrainians have made substantial progress. It’s going to take a while, but I believe it will be worth it.”

The US has already provided billions in weapons and support to Ukraine, and it had earlier indicated that it would likely announce additional military aid for Ukraine in the “coming days”.

Hanna Malyar, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister, stated that 150,000 people were freed from Russian control in Balakliia.

A large crowd assembled to receive humanitarian aid, and Ukrainian flags were raised. Although a shopping centre was destroyed, many other buildings were left intact. Shops were closed and boards up.

Malyar said that fighting was still ongoing elsewhere in the northeastern Kharkiv area. He told the Reuters news agency that Ukraine’s forces were making progress due to their high motivation and well-planned operation.

She stated that the goal was to liberate Kharkiv and all territories beyond – all territories occupied by Russia Federation.” she spoke on the road to Balakliia (74 km/46 miles southeast of Kharkiv), Ukraine’s second-largest metropolis.


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