Israeli forces kill a Palestinian near Ramallah, West Bank

Israeli forces kill a Palestinian near Ramallah, West Bank

Israeli forces kill a Palestinian near Ramallah, West Bank

An Israeli soldier is accused of attacking a soldier at the military checkpoint that controls Ramallah’s northern entrance.

A Palestinian man was killed by Israeli forces near Ramallah, an occupied West Bank town.

On Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that an Israeli man had been killed in Israeli live fire.

The name and age of the man are unknown.

According to reports, he was shot near the Israeli military DCO checkpoint at Ramallah’s northern entrance in the central West Bank.

Officials from the Palestinian Israeli Army had “reinforced [their military presence] at the checkpoint” and were stopping vehicles and checking resident cards.

According to the Israeli army, a “suspect attacked” an Israeli soldier with a hammer before he was killed.

“The soldier sustained a facial injury and was treated immediately,” said the spokesperson.

The latest victim is a Palestinian man. Israel has been conducting almost daily raids on Palestinian cities and checking for the Palestinian movement.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health (Palestinian Ministry of Health), Israeli forces have killed more than 140 Palestinians in 1967-occupied territories by 2022. This includes 49 who were killed in Israel’s recent offensive on Gaza Strip.

In 2022, nineteen victims were also killed in terrorist attacks in Israel and West Bank by Palestinians.


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