Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank occupied.

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank occupied.

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank occupied.

Taher Mohammad Zkarneh (19) was killed by Israeli forces in a raid close to Jenin, a northern West Bank city.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, Israeli forces shot and killed a teenager from Palestine during a raid on Jenin, a northern occupied West Bank town.

Taher Mohammad Zkarneh (19 years old) was shot in the head, and legs, and killed in Qabatiya village, south of Jenin.

Zakarneh, who was still alive when he was taken into hospital on the morning of his accident, succumbed to his injuries hours later.

The Israeli raid on Jenin started at dawn and led directly to confrontations between Palestinians.

A statement by the Israeli army stated that its forces were engaged in “counterterrorism activity” at Jenin and Qabatiya and that violent riots had been started.

“The rioters threw rocks and explosive devices at the armed forces and gunfire was heard nearby.”The soldiers responded with live firing, and hits were identified.”

Soon after the murder, Zakarneh was buried in Qabatiya.

According to the Israeli army, 17 Palestinians were detained overnight by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. According to Palestinian prisoner groups, at least five were arrested in Jenin.

On a nearly daily basis, the Israeli army raids Palestinian villages and towns. This often leads to confrontations and the death or injury of Palestinian residents.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, over 140 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the year. This includes 49 victims during the recent Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

In 2022, nineteen people were killed in terrorist attacks by Palestinians in Israel or the occupied West Bank.

Six Israeli soldiers and one driver sustained injuries after a bus carrying them was attacked by Palestinian fighters in Tubas in the northern West Bank.


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