Written by Hitoshi Iwaaki Parasyte is a Japanese science fiction horror drama manga series, it is a brutal and thoughtful reunification of what it means to be a human being and it’s honest with it’s storytelling.It is extremely popular amongst the audience and has a strong fan base with beautiful cinematography and is very artistic.

It is exceptionally well-written, and portrays intense emotions, winning over the hearts of people all over the world.

The first episode of season one was released on October 9, 2014 and it has a total of 24 episodes originally streamed on Netflix.


What is Parasyte about?


The show follows the saga of a teenager called Izumi Shinichi who is a completely normal teenager who lives a predictable life in an unhappenning neighborhood.

But suddenly one day, his life takes an unexpected turn when aliens start taking over the world.

Not just ordinary aliens, these are parasitic aliens, who look very simple and harmless, but once they enter one’s nervous system through the mouth or the nose, they can prove to be extremely deadly.

However, even though the rest of the world is plagued by the aliens, Izumi is unharmed, and he makes a pact with one Parasite, that be would allow the parasite to be hosted in his body only if he agrees to help him fight the other parasites and save the world.

The story of Izumi and Migi is really strange but very well developed.

Is there a season 2 of Parasyte?


Usually, when a manga series gains immense popularity, the fans expect the show to make a comeback with a new season and likewise, fans are eager to catch up with a new season of Parasyte as well.

Parasyte is the Maxim is an anime adaption of a manga, and the entire story is based on the manga.

Unfortunately for the fans, a second installment of the show seems very unlikely, as the story apparently ends with the first season, and there seem to be no loose ends either with no potential material to pursue the show.


Also the original publication of the manga has already been discontinued and with the conflict being resolved,they would have to create a new storyline.

Hence continuing the storyline would be baseless.


Where can you watch Parasyte?


You can watch Parasyte on the video streaming platform Amazon Prime and Netflix and also watch it on Funimation.