The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, arrived in Honduras this Friday on the last stage of his Latin American tour and will meet with the country’s President, Xiomara Castro, to discuss other matters regarding the work of Spanish cooperation and the fight against forced migration.

The Spanish Air Force plane in which Sánchez and the rest of his delegation traveled from Quito (second stop on the tour) landed at the Comayagua airport at 7:30 p.m. (01:30 GMT on Friday). There, the Honduran Foreign Minister, Eduardo Enrique Reina, and the Spanish Ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Diego Nuño García, were waiting to receive him.

The agenda of the visit is concentrated on this Friday, and will begin with a meeting in Tegucigalpa of the President of the Government with directors of a dozen Spanish companies present in Honduras.

Later, he will meet with representatives of the Spanish cooperation that carries out its work in this country, and it will be later when he will go to the Presidential Palace to meet with the Honduran head of state. Both will later make a joint statement after presiding over the signing of a cooperation agreement on health matters and will star in a lunch offered by Xiomara Castro.

The last planned act is a visit to a workshop school in the town of Comayagua in which young people are trained to combat forced migration.

Sánchez and Castro will analyze bilateral relations, the task of Spanish cooperation and projects such as circular migration through which 250 Honduran workers are selected for specific campaigns such as fruit picking in Spain and, at the end, they return to Honduras..

A project that Spanish sources assure has been very well received, for which even the United States has been interested and that it will double, up to 500, the number of workers who can be temporarily displaced.

Three stages to strengthen the relationship with Latin America
The Spanish president began his Latin American tour on Tuesday, making his first visit to Bogotá, to support them in the peace process in Colombia. This first leg of the tour includes Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras.

In Bogotá, Sánchez told Petro that Spain is willing to collaborate in the resumption of dialogue between the Government and the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army in whatever the parties may request.

At the press conference, which was held after the meeting in Bogotá between Pedro Sánchez and the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, a curious moment arose as a result of a mistake made by the presenter of the appointment in which she refers to the Chief Executive as ” the President of the Republic of Spain “, at the moment he entered the room to appear.


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