PM Modi was correct, it is not the right time to war: French President Emmanuel Macron at UNGA

Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, was correct when he stated that the time was not for war. It’s not to retaliate against the West, or oppose the West against East. Macron stated that it is the collective time of our sovereign equal countries to face together the challenges we face.


At the UN General Assembly session, Emmanuel Macron, the French President, stated to world leaders that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was correct when he said to Vladimir Putin that it is not the right time for war.

Modi met Putin last week at the 22nd meeting in Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Samarkand. He told him that the “era of today is not one of war”.

Putin was contacted several times by him over the telephone regarding this matter. He stressed the importance of dialogue, diplomacy, and democracy.

“Narendra Modi was the prime minister in India who said that the time is not right for war. It is not to retaliate against the West, or oppose the West against East. “It is the collective time of our sovereign equal countries to deal together with the challenges we face,” Macron stated during Tuesday’s address at the General Debate, 77th Session, UN General Assembly.

“This is why it’s urgent to develop a new agreement between the north-south, a contract that is effective and respectful of food, biodiversity, and education. He said that it’s not time to resort to block thinking, but to create a coalition of specific actions to reconcile legitimate interest and common goods.

Modi had been told by Putin in Samarkand that he knew his “position on Ukraine’s conflict and your concerns.”

“We will try our best to stop it as soon as we can. Unfortunately, however, the opposition, Ukraine’s leadership, declared it had abandoned the negotiations and that it wanted to achieve its goals through military means. Putin said that they would keep you updated about what was happening in Ukraine.

Macron expressed optimism at Tuesday’s UNGA session that the international community would commit to reforming the UN Security Council to be more representative, to welcome new permanent members, and to allow it to continue to fulfill its full function by limiting the use of veto when there are mass crimes.

The French president stated that there are “countries that have chosen neutrality towards this war” in his opening address to the General Debate. They are lying to those who claim they are non-aligned. They’re making an historic mistake.

“The fight against the non-aligned movement, is a fight to peace. They fought for the sovereignty of states, territorial integrity and peace. Those who remain silent today are complicit in the cause of new imperialism. This new order is trampling on the existing order and there’s no way to have peace.



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