Skeletal Deformation Correction Market

Skeletal deformation correction techniques are steadily growing in popularity due to an increase in bone deformities and fractures being diagnosed at medical facilities all over the globe. This procedure can be done in one sitting. In the latter case, it is called an acute correction. If performed in several sessions, it is called a gradual correction. The corrective procedure involves medical professionals performing the osteotomy, which is the cutting of a bone in two parts. Once this is completed, the deformation can be corrected by placing a rod or metal plate on the affected area. The rod or plate helps to straighten the bone and allows adjacent muscles to adapt to the corrected dynamics. The plates can be removed after the straightening is completed.

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Detail Segmentation
Segmentation of the global market for skeletal deformation correction is based on – Product Types and End-Users. Below is a detailed segmental description.

Based on Product Types
• Osteotomy
• Limb Reconstruction
• Arthrodesis
• Arthroplasty
• Vertebral Column Resection
• Other product types

Based on End-Users
• Hospitals
• Ambulatory Surgery Centres
• Orthopaedic Surgical Centers

Based on the Region:
• North America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• South America
• Middle East and Africa

Market Dynamics –

The Global Skeletal Deformation Correction market:
As the global orthopedic industry grows, this market for skeletal correction will increase. This is due to increasing bone fixation surgeries and deformation correction surgeries. This market will also grow due to the increased use of minimally invasive surgery, which involves operations that require fewer incisions than traditional ones. These factors will contribute to the market’s continued expansion over the next few years.

Global Skeletal Deformation Correction Market Opportunity:
To correct spinal deformities, there are several skeletal deformation correction surgical options. Excision of the vertebral columns is necessary to correct severe, stiff spinal abnormalities. The vertebral column can be resected using screws, rods, and plates. This market will be able to reap the benefits of both surgical and non-surgical implants for spine correction and other orthopedic procedures.

Global Skeletal Deformation Correction Market Restraints:
The market for skeletal deformation repairs is expected to be constrained by postoperative issues like limb length differences, non-healing bones, contractures, and lost prosthetics. In non-industrialized regions like Africa, it is possible for healthcare providers to fail to balance cost and response time. This may also hinder the market’s revenue growth.

Competitive Landscape –
The market’s key players are: Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker Corporation, Smith & Nephew Plc, Orthofix Medical, Arthrex, Wright Medical Group Inc., Sonoma Orthopedic Products Inc., Onkos Surgical, and K2M Group Holdings Inc., among others.

The Key Developments
Year 2018
SYNOSTE Ltd. is a Finnish medical device company that develops bone lengthening devices and deformity treatment treatments. To begin clinical trials and to develop new clinical applications, the company has invested more than EUR5 million.