Computer Vision market

In 2021, the global computer vision market value will be USD 12.12 Billion. The CAGR will rise by 7.1% between 2023 and 2032.

Computer vision systems can read digital photos and videos and see and interpret the world around them just like humans. This is possible thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, visual system technology, and computing power. The fundamental concepts of these systems are data or image capture, data processing or image classification, and data or imagery processing.

A Growing Demand:

There are significant market expansion drivers: increasing demand for quality inspection and automation; expanding demand for vision-guided robot systems; and rising demand for computer vision systems that can be applied to specific applications.

North America is the leader in computer vision because of its increased investment in open manufacturing plants and growing demand from full-service cafes and bars.

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Driving Factors:

Computer vision has seen a significant increase in popularity due to a large amount of data we produce today. This data is then used for training and improving our computer vision. Recent market changes have led to significant advances in robotics and automation systems. Because of its high-quality manufacturing and robotics, machine vision technology is essential for industrial automation. Industrial robots have increased in both the automotive and consumer electronics sectors. This has led to a greater demand for integrated MV systems that are vision-guided by robotic controllers. The robot can now see and respond to the vision system, improving efficiency.

The system has a vision-enabled function, which aids in the pharmaceutical sector. It records every step for inspection and meticulously records it. Cognex, based in Massachusetts, is a major player in this industry. They produce components and devices with advanced robotics and automation, making them more useful in manufacturing.

Restraining Factors:

A lack of skilled professionals and daily maintenance can stifle your growth.

Computer vision systems enable precise, fast, and specific control. These systems also allow for increased production reliability and better delivery reliability. These machines and devices require daily maintenance and care to maintain their reliability. They are dependent on their functioning. Because of their advanced technology and automation, the investment required for maintaining these computers is large. These costs include both the installation and purchasing costs.

Markets are also negatively affected by the resignation or loss of skilled workers. The market is experiencing a shortage in professionals. The training is provided to both operators and employees. Multiple products can be inspected using one smart camera. Skilled workers are therefore essential. It is essential to be able to use specialized knowledge regarding equipment in order for an MV system to be implemented. This restriction will be lessened due to greater penetration in different industries.

Market Key Trends:

This report highlights key drivers of the computer vision market. We examine the factors that significantly impact market demand and hinder market development in our global market research report.

The report covers all trends that influence the market’s growth. The report also includes qualitative variables and measurements. These include operating risks and industry obstacles.

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Recent development:

  1. Texas Instruments launched a BeagleBoneAI Board in February 2019. This board is for developers interested in machine learning, computer vision, and other related technologies. Vision Engine chips (EVE), 8x faster than Arm Cortex A15 CPUs, can run computer vision models.
  2. May 2018 – Intel launched OpenVINO. It is a toolkit that speeds deep learning and transforms vision data into business insights. This toolkit allows developers to track the creation of high-performance computer vision applications and unleash deep learning inference across all Intel silicon portfolios.

Key Companies:

  1. Cognex Corporation
  2. Keyence Corporation
  3. Intel Corporation
  4. Matterport Inc.
  5. OMRON Corporation
  6. National Instruments
  7. Teledyne Digital Imaging Inc.
  8. Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
  9. sony corporation
  10. cadence design systems, inc.
  11. Teledyne technology
  12. Basler ag (Germany)
  13. Allies vision technologies
  14. Other key players



  1. Hardware
  2. Software

Type of product

  1. Smart Camera-Based Computer Vision System
  2. PC-Based Computer Vision System


  1. Quality Assurance & Inspection
  2. Positioning & Guidance
  3. Measuring
  4. Identification
  5. Predictive Maintenance
  6. 3D Visualization & Interactive 3D Imaging Modelling


  1. Industrial
  2. Non-Industrial

Key questions:

  1. What is the Future Market Value of the Computer Vision Market?
  2. What is the growth rate of the Computer Vision Market?
  3. What are the Top Companies in the Computer Vision Market
  4. What countries are covered by the computer-vision market?

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