The Gulf state’s government has accepted a letter of resignation amid protests in the country’s democratically elected parliament.

The crown prince received a letter of resignation from Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Sabah and asked the government to remain in a caretaker position, the news agency said.

The crown prince had appointed Sheikh Ahmed as the prime minister in July.

Why will the government of Kuwait resign?
The move comes after Thursday’s parliamentary elections in which opposition candidates, including Islamists, made significant gains.

The results could ease recent tensions between the government and the 50-member assembly and reduce the chances of moving forward with economic reforms.

While the parliament in Kuwait is democratically elected and enjoys greater independence than other legislatures of its kind in the region, the government is appointed by the royal family.

The previous parliament was dissolved by the crown prince, who has assumed most of the duties of the ruling emir since late last year, in an attempt to end the political deadlock.

Among other things, the impasse between the government and parliament has delayed the approval of the state budget for the financial year 2022/2023.

More petitions are expected to be filed in the coming days, including those related to election results such as recount; Especially the candidates who have dropped a few rungs compared to the top 10 winners.


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