Russia’s Political Class Calls For Justice For The Murder Of Daria Dúguina, The Daughter Of One Of Vladimir Putin’s Close Associates, Alexandr Dugin.

“This Crime Cannot Go Unpunished We Must Respond Harshly And Decisively,” Said Pyotr Tolstoy, Deputy Chairman Of The State Duma, The Russian Chamber Of Deputies.

A Group Called The National Republican Army Has Claimed Responsibility For The Attack. It Is An Unknown Russian Group That Claims To Have The Objective Of Overthrowing President Putin.

Analysts Give Credibility To The Attribution And Assure That This Episode Weakens The Image Of The Kremlin.

“For The Propaganda Apparatus, This Is An Act Of Intimidation. For Putin’s Supporters, For His Loyal Voters, This Is A Symbolic Act That Shows That Hostilities Are Transferred To The Territory Of Russia. This Means That It Is No Longer An Abstract War That You See On Television. The War Is Already Happening In Russia. Not Only Crimea Is Being Bombed, But Terrorist Attacks Are Already Being Carried Out In The Moscow Region,” Explains Political Analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

Ukrainian Authorities Denied Any Involvement In The Attack.
On Saturday Night, On The Outskirts Of Moscow, 29-Year-Old Daria Duguina Was Killed When A Bomb Exploded In Her Car After Leaving A Festival Where She Had Been With Her Father, An Ultra-Nationalist Ideologue Who Supports The War In Ukraine.

According To The Digital Gazeta.Ru, Which Cites A Telegram Channel, Dugin Planned To Return To Moscow In His Daughter’s Car, But Changed His Mind At The Last Moment.

Russian Officials Have So Far Insisted Ukraine Was Behind The Attack, Something Kiev Has Denied.

“I Stress That Ukraine Has Nothing To Do With This Because We Are Not A Criminal State Like The Russian Federation And We Are Not A Terrorist State,” Said Mikhailo Podolyak, One Of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Advisers.


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