On Thursday, the White House announced that a $600million security package was being offered to Ukraine. This will provide additional assistance for the Ukrainian military in its ongoing fight against Russian forces.

According to Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, the equipment will be drawn from US inventories and stocks. It will also include additional weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

Blinken stated that, “Together we are delivering weapons and equipment to Ukrainian forces as they continue their successful counteroffensive towards the Russian invasion.”

Additional ammunition for HIMARS is included in the package. This ammunition was used by Ukraine to attack numerous Russian command posts, logistics centers and ammunition depots. The package also contains tens of thousands 105mm artillery shells, 1,000 precision shells in 155mm and counter-drone system. The US will provide more night vision devices and cold weather gear as winter draws near.

The Pentagon announced a $675 million package that included ammunition for HIMARS and tens of thousand of artillery shells.


CNN reported that the US has decided to not send long-range ATACMS munitions, despite repeated requests by Ukraine. The ATACMS has a range of almost 200 miles and can strike deep into Russian territory.

According to Pentagon officials, the US should provide Ukraine with HIMARS launchers and GMLRS (a munition that has a range of approximately 40 miles) at this time.

The US has given $15.1 billion to Ukraine in security assistance since the Russian invasion began on February 24.



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