Ethiopian and Eritrea forces launch a new offensive

Tigray: Ethiopian and Eritrea forces launch a new offensive

According to a Tigrayan rebel spokesperson, troops from both countries attacked fighters in northern Adayabo.

Ethiopian and Eritrean government troops launched an attack on Tigray in the northern region of Ethiopia, with the intention to target rebel forces.

According to a humanitarian worker in the Shire, drivers from the region reported crossing-border shelling Wednesday.

After a five-month lull, the conflict resumed last week. There were clashes on ground and air attacks over Tigray that shattered hopes of a peaceful resolution to the almost two-year-old war.

Fighting was concentrated at the Tigray’s southeast border, with rebels pushing into neighboring Amhara and Afar regions. Residents fled.

“Our national defense forces are fighting this invasion with all their might and determination,”

that the government and Eritrea, its neighbor, were responsible for opening a new front. Eritrea had backed federal forces in the early phases of the war.

“The Abiy and Asmara regimes launched [an] offensive on those fronts. He said, “We are defending our position.”

Wolgast (also spelled Wolkait) is located in western Tigray. It is a disputed area claimed by Tigrayans as well as Amharas and is currently occupied and controlled by Amhara forces.

Access to northern Ethiopia is restricted. It is impossible to verify the facts on the ground and to verify claims made by warring parties.

As reports of a new offensive emerged, Tigray’s capital Mekelle was struck by the second air strike since Friday.

According to Kibrom Gebreselassie (chief clinical director at Mekelle’s Ayder Referral Hospital), the bombing took place “close to midnight” Tuesday.

He tweeted, “Casualties are coming to Ayder Hospital”, without providing details.

“Nighttime drone attack in Mekelle. “Mekelle Hospital was among the targets, and at least three bombs were dropped.”


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