Uganda confirms Ebola outbreak after patient dies

Uganda confirms Ebola outbreak after patient dies

Uganda confirms Ebola outbreak after patient dies

A 24-year-old man from Uganda’s central Mubende District developed symptoms and died. Eight other suspected cases are currently being treated.

After health officials confirmed that there was an outbreak of Ebola in Uganda, both the government and the World Health Organization (WHO), declared it.

“We want the country to know that there is an Ebola outbreak, which we confirmed yesterday,” Diana Atwine (permanent secretary of the health ministry) said at a Tuesday news conference.

The confirmed case was a 24-year-old man from Uganda’s central Mubende region who presented symptoms and died later.

Atwine stated that the man suffered from high fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pains, as well as vomiting blood. Atwine said he was initially treated for malaria.

The WHO’s Africa office stated that eight cases are being treated in a hospital. It also said it was supporting Uganda’s authorities in their investigation and sending staff to the affected areas.

Ebola control is not something that has been done in vain in Uganda. Its expertise has allowed us to swiftly detect the virus and to stop the spread of infection,” Matshidiso Möti, WHO Africa’s regional director, stated.

According to the WHO, there have been seven outbreaks of the Ebola Sudan strain in the past. Four in Uganda and three in Sudan.

According to the report, Uganda reported the last Ebola Sudan outbreak in 2012 and the Ebola Zaire outbreak in 2019.

In past outbreaks of the Sudan virus, case fatality rates varied between 41 percent and 100 percent.

It was noted that ring vaccination of high-risk people with the Ervebo vaccine has been very effective in controlling the spread of Ebola during recent outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, this vaccine was only approved to protect against the Zaire strain.

The virus was first identified in 1976 in Zaire (then DRC). Since then, it has been spread to other parts of Africa through a series of epidemics that have claimed the lives of approximately 15,000 people.

Transmission of disease to humans occurs through bodily fluids. The main symptoms are fever, vomiting, and bleeding.

In urban areas, it is difficult to stop outbreaks.


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