After Russia’s accusations of having acquired this type of weaponry during the conflict, the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed Tuesday that they had destroyed an Iranian-made drone.

“It can be said with a high probability that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed an Iranian offensive vehicle unmanned in the vicinity Kupiansk,” the Armed Forces Strategic Communications Department stated via a message. His official Telegram account.

“An analysis reveals that the drone’s wing components were visible on the drone. This allows us to confidently state that the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed an Iranian drone. “We are referring to a Shahed136’ kamikaze drone,” he explained.

Iranian drones

Last week, the United States announced sanctions against a transport company that supplied Iranian drones in support of the invasion to Russia. It also targeted three other companies as well as an Iranian citizen who were involved in the production, research, and sale of this type. of aircraft to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State) stated that the Russian Army has serious supply problems in Ukraine due to sanctions and export control. This makes Russia turn to less reliable countries. Iran, for equipment and supplies.


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