The city of Donetsk was the site of new Ukrainian bombardments. This is the most obvious example of Kiev’s advance in the northeast. President Volodimir Zelenski reviewed the results of a successful counteroffensive in his last speech. He assures that the war in Donbas has many chapters yet to be written.

In his evening speech, the Ukrainian president stated that “Perhaps it seems to some of your right now that after a series victory we have a certain tranquility.” This is not a truce. It’s a preparation for next series. It is because Ukraine must be free.

Russia confirmed, for its part, that it had defeated a Kyiv offensive in the Kherson area. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, at least 180 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in battle and many tanks, armored vehicles, and other military equipment were destroyed.

Both the complaints and information about successful attacks flow from one side to another. Saturday’s report by kyiv stated that it had secured Oskil River’s eastern bank, which is a natural break in newly formed front lines since the beginning of the counteroffensive.

According to Governor Oleh Symehubov, four Russian gunmen killed in Kharkiv while trying to evacuate a hospital for psychiatric patients. Five people were reported to have been killed in Donetsk by Russian fire in the last 24 hours.

Separatist forces also reported that a Ukrainian bombardment of Olenivka’s prisoner-of war colony was carried out by Ukrainian troops. One prisoner was killed, and four were wounded.

The Institute for the Study of War, which is based in Washington, affirms that the Russian troops in Donetsk continue “meaningless operations in many towns” instead of strengthening the front line. London claims that Moscow could intensify its attacks on civilians in the next few days with the sole purpose of “undermining morale of the Ukrainian people” and the government.


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