Volodimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, thanked his compatriots for protecting the country from Russian troops on Sunday night. This was a war that has been going on for 200 days since February 24, when Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, declared “special military operations” in Ukraine.

In his daily message to the nation, the Ukrainian president stated that “In these 200 days, we have accomplished a lot but the most important, and therefore the most complex, is yet to arrive.”

Zelensky gave a commendation to the Ukrainian Army for their performance, and of the “combatants” who had heroically subdued the enemy. He wanted to dedicate his speech to all those who had bravely stood for 200 days and are the reason Ukraine is still standing.

“We believe in all of you. We believe in all those who have done their job, risked their lives, and defended your country over these 200 days at 15 degrees below zero, plus 35 degrees, at either 02:00 or 06:00 on any Monday. He said that an Independence Day is possible despite fatigue, tension, and danger.

He thanked ground troops individually for their “brave, selfless”, “hard” work. He also congratulated the airborne troops for “repelling the enemy” in Donetsk; and the naval forces for which he highlighted his “successes.”

Zelensky expressed his satisfaction with his troops, who, he stated, “write the history of independence, history of victory and the history Ukraine.”

The Russian Defense Ministry announced Saturday that the Russian Defense Ministry was pulling its troops out of Kharkiv. This is Ukraine’s greatest victory since the beginning of the war.


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