Zelenskyy claims that 6,000 km of territory was retaken by the Ukraine blitz

Zelenskyy claims that 6,000 km of territory was retaken by the Ukraine blitz

Zelenskyy claims that 6,000 km of territory was retaken by the Ukraine blitz

In a counteroffensive to Russians, Ukrainian troops made significant gains in the country’s northeast.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, has stated that his forces captured 6,000 sq km (2320sq mi) of Russian territory in a counteroffensive this month. This was Moscow’s worst defeat in the nearly seven-month-old war.

Zelenskyy stated in Monday’s daily address that “since the beginning of September, our troops have already liberated 6,000 km of Ukrainian territory in east and south”

Ukrainian troops gained more ground on Monday, pushing all of the ways to the northeastern frontier in some areas. They also claimed to have captured many Russian soldiers in a lightning advance that forced Moscow into a hasty retreat.

Oleh Synyehubov (governor of northeastern Kharkiv) stated that “in some areas of the forefront, our defenders reached state border with Russia Federation.”

According to a spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence, Russian troops are surrendering in large numbers because they understand the despair of their situation. A presidential advisor from Ukraine stated that there were so many prisoners of war (POWs), that the country ran out of space.

Oleksiy Arestovich, the Ukrainian presidential adviser, did not give details about the number of Russian prisoners. However, he said that the POWs would exchange for Ukrainian soldiers being held by Moscow. Andriy Yusov, the military intelligence spokesperson, said that the captured troops contained “significant” numbers of Russian officers.

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, stated Monday that although it was early days in the counteroffensive campaign, Ukrainian forces had made “significant advances.”

Blinken stated that “what they have done was very methodically planned out” and that the United States has provided significant support to Ukraine to ensure it has the equipment necessary for the prosecution of this counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian military declared that it had liberated more than 20 settlements within 24 hours, as the flags of blue and yellow flew over newly liberated cities.

According to the British Defence Ministry, Kyiv’s forces have seized territory that is at least twice as large as Greater London in recent days.

These territorial shifts were one of Russia’s most significant reversals since its troops were evacuated from Kyiv on February 24, the day before its invasion.


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