Apple is said to be developing new RealityOS VR-AR headsets

Apple has been developing an AR/VR gadget for many years. This project involved hundreds of hardware and software developers. The first version of this project is expected to be a standalone headset that has high-resolution screens, M1 Pro-like capabilities, and a standalone headset. Apple appears to be working on RealityOS.

It is a brand new operating system that could be used to power Apple’s anticipated augmented-reality headgear. While Apple’s long-rumored virtual reality or augmented reality headgear won’t be available until 2023 at the earliest, developers discovered additional references to a new RealityOS that could power it.

Bloomberg News first called RealityOS “rOS” in 2017. According to the Bloomberg article, the operating system is based upon iOS. Apple prefers to refer its operating systems to as OS. This includes iOS, watchOS, and iPadOS. Geoff Stahl, an Apple veteran, was reportedly one of the directors responsible for the realityOS software division.

According to reports, realityOS was mentioned again months after Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst for Apple, predicted that Apple’s first augmented reality headset would arrive later in the year with “The same level of computing power” as the M1 Mac. Kuo claims the headgear will be an independent platform. This would explain why it would need its own operating system.

RealityOS may be an Apple operating system codename dating back to 2005. However, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claims that the codename is actually “Oak” and RealityOS could be the final name. The repeated allusions suggest that it is a key project to the headset’s success. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s headgear won’t be available until 2023. The firm also intended to display it at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year.

Apple may be experiencing problems with software, overheating, and cameras, which could delay the headset’s release. It is possible that Apple would like to have realityOS’ software development tools in the hands of developers prior to its release.

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