Wordle Copycats Out Of The App Store

You might be thinking about submitting your Wordle clone for the App Store.

Multiple outlets reported Wednesday that Wordle copycat applications, which were only available yesterday, had been removed from Apple’s App Store.

Mashable has been informed by Apple that it removed apps that copied the viral word game “Fools” from its App Store.

On Tuesday, was engulfed by Zachary Shakked, a self-described “degenerate App developer”. He shared his online success with his App Store app, Wordle. It was an exact copy of Josh Wardle, a software engineer,’s word game Wordle.

One difference? Wardle’s browser-based game is available on his website. Shakked basically ported Wardle’s game to an iPhone app, which was being distributed via the App Store.

Shakked was also trying to monetize the game through subscriptions, which Wardle specifically refused. Wardle’s Wordle original game can be played for free.

It is important to remember that Shakked’s and other copycat apps are not only inspired by Shakked’s iPhone application was an exact copy of Wardle’s, except for the distribution model and monetization efforts.

These apps copied almost everything, from Wardle’s name to the UI to the game mechanics.

The Verge explains that Apple’s AppStore guidelines state that developers shouldn’t just copy existing apps.

Apple’s developer guidelines state that you should not copy any popular apps from the App Store or make minor changes to the UI of another app and pass it off to be your own.

At the time this article was written, there were still a few Wordle apps in the App Store. They are not yet known if they will be removed.

Shakked, the “degenerate developer”, has posted a sort of mea culpa to Twitter. Apple removed his copycat app, he confirmed. He also offered an apology, claiming he had “f****d up.” He defends himself and his actions in the same tweet thread.

Shortly afterward, Shakked stated that he had spoken to Wardle on the phone and tried to partner with Wardle in a follow-up. This was after Shakked had already copied Wordle from the App Store. According to Shakked, Wardle declined the offer.

What is the moral of this story? You can come up with your own ideas. Do not copy others’ ideas. If you do, bragging about it online may be a bad idea.

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