Beloved former Nintendo Prez Craps All Around Facebook and The Metaverse

Reggie Fils Aime, former president and CEO of Nintendo of America is clearly not a fan of Facebook’s recent push into VR with its metaverse.

Fils-Aime, who was at this year’s South by Southwest, Austin, Texas (SXSW), had the chance to unload Mark Zuckerberg’s social media conglomerate Meta while speaking with Emily Chang, Microsoft.

Fils-Aime stated that Facebook is not an innovative company. He went on to explain why every popular product of the social media giant has been purchased from third parties. They have either acquired interesting items like Oculus or Instagram, or they are a quick follower of other people’s ideas. They aren’t an innovative company, except for the original social platform they created many years ago.”

Fils-Aime has clear thoughts about Meta’s venture into VR and the metaverse.

He shared that he didn’t believe their current definition would be successful.

Gizmodo pointed out that Fils-Aime continued his harsh review of Meta. Fils-Aime also discussed with Chang the success stories of Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset.

Fils-Aime stated that the last number he saw was that total – not Oculus – about 20 million VR units have been sold.” “That was one year that I ran Nintendo in terms of hardware sales-through.

It doesn’t stop there. Fils-Aime criticized Facebook for placing ad revenue above customers and innovative ideas. He also said Facebook Portal Meta’s video calling device “wasn’t a big idea.”

Fils-Aime stated that he prefers virtual reality to augmented reality during the conversation. Fils-Aime, who was the former president of Nintendo, feels the same way about AR functionality in Nintendo’s video games, including Mario Kart Live and Pokemon Go. Former Nintendo president stated that he would prefer a product that can fit into a casual pair of glasses to a bulky headset.

Fils-Aime believes that certain aspects of the metaverse can be successful. Fils-Aime does believe that a Meta competitor will emerge and take over the company’s place in the space.

After a 16-year tenure with Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils Aime left his position at Nintendo of America in 2019. After Nintendo lost its position as North America’s premier console manufacturer with the Gamecube to Sony and Microsoft, Fils-Aime is often credited with helping to revive Nintendo’s standing in the North American gaming industry. Fils-Aime was a popular figure among the company’s hardcore fans because of his on-stage presence, and his ability to hype Nintendo.

Some of Facebook’s problems look similar to those that Nintendo faced during the time between Nintendo 64, Wii, and Wii. Maybe Meta could use its own Reggie?

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