The Washington Post reported Wednesday that FBI agents searched the Mar-a-Lago (Florida) home of former US President Donald Trump and found a document listing foreign governments’ military defenses, including nuclear capabilities.

Federal agents authorized by an FBI affidavit found the document that contained nuclear information during an Aug. 8 search at Trump’s Florida home.

In August, the American newspaper reported that the FBI was looking for documents that contained nuclear information. Trump later called this a hoax.

Some documents seized are top-secret operations that were so tightly guarded that top national security officials don’t know anything about them.

According to sources familiar with the search, the president, certain members of his Cabinet or someone close to him can authorize other government officials to access to these special access programs.

possible crimes

According to “The Washington Post”, such records are kept under lock & key almost always in a secure compartmentalized data facility with a designated control officer to closely monitor their location.

The FBI suspected that Trump had committed crimes under the Espionage Act. So he got an order to inspect the Florida home and entered it on August 8.



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