Google's Rumored Foldable Device Might Be Known As 'Pixel Notepad'

The evidence continues to mount that Google will soon be launching foldable phones.

9to5Google reported this week that Google’s rumored foldable phone, possibly called “Pixel Notepad”, could launch in 2022. It is expected to be cheaper than the $1799 Samsung demanded for its Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year. It was not stated what the price would be, so it could still be prohibitively costly.

9to5Google stressed that the name “Pixel Notepad”, could change before the announcement. It was apparently called “Logbook” at one time. 9to5Google reported previously that the device would be compatible with the new Tensor chips used to power the Pixel 6 phones. Some art from a recent Android 12 beta builds suggests a 7:8 aspect ratio when fully unfolded.

Since February last year, whispers of a foldable Pixel were heard. People called it “Pixel Fold” at the time and others thought it might be out by 2021. It didn’t happen. It is not in our possession. We don’t even know its name, how it looks, or if it exists.

Google could make quality foldable that cost less than rent for some people, which could be huge.

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