How to use two-factor authentication on Twitter

In this age, where everything has gone digital and therefore the world runs on passwords, maintaining oneself at ease from passwords and information breaches has to turn out to be a challenge itself. Every day, we hear news of accounts getting compromised in a way or any other. One solution that everyone indicates is using a complex password that’s hard to remember. However, it’s now not very beneficial, especially if you are forgetful. There’s another solution that may not need anything to remember. Twitter 2FA or two-factor Authentication lets you log into your accounts using a relaxed manner.

If 2FA is enabled to use a phone number, every time you try to log into your account, it’ll ask you to enter a code sent on your phone. You can’t log into your account until you confirm the code. 2FA also be enabled by using authenticator apps that generate 2FA codes.

In this manual, you’ll understand how to use 2FA with Twitter.

Follow these steps to start 2FA on Twitter:

First, open the Twitter app or go to in your browser.


Find and click on ‘more‘ on the left sidebar of Twitter.

Now, click on the ‘Settings and privacy’ option.


Navigate to ‘security & account’ and click on ‘security.’

Now, click on the ‘-2 Factor Authentication, which will open 2 Factor Authentication settings.


Choose any 1 of the 3 authentication method that you prefer.


Add your phone number and set up 2 Factor Authentication, and you’re ready to go.


This way, you may enable 2FA for your Twitter. Each time you want to log into your Twitter account, a code may be sent to your phone number, and you will need to confirm before logging into your account. In this manner, even if your password is breached, no person might be able to use it to log into your account.

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