We have the latest meta buzzword for your use – microverse! Metaverse is the next destination.  Yurii Filipchuk is the CEO of the Virtual Party Platform Party. Space and niche Microverse Experiences will be the future of the Metaverse. Filipchuk suggests that Web3.0 creators should not focus on building a bigger Metaverse or selling land there. Instead, they should explore new frontiers for interaction and collaboration with online communities.

Filipchuk’s Party. The Space platform was launched in May 2020 with the goal of gamifying all video chat and call ecosystems. Virtual space 3D hosts team parties online and corporate celebrations for both small and large companies. Filipchuk’s “Microverse,” creations include the Doge Temple, a virtual space for Doge fans to socialize. Party, a virtual party platform, launched it. Space will launch in November 2021.

Micorverse is described by Dogecoins as a 3D virtual universe that revolves around an idea or character. A microverse is available online 24/7 using your regular browser. It becomes home to the most passionate and influential members of the community.  Filipchuk explained to Cointelegraph that “we wanted to build upon the Microverse experience” and that people should be able to travel between them to select the Microverse that suits their vibe. “We are really exploring new ways people can communicate.”

Microverse was created to create a variety of niche communities within the virtual space to cater to different communities that are interested in collaborating and sharing common interests. Each Microspace would connect to a larger Metaverse network. Perhaps you will be able to create your Microverse one day.

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