Motorola's new Space Charging Technology

Motorola Space Charging is the latest tech demonstration that uses the concept of wireless charging smartphones over-the-air. It’s not a new concept, but we’ve seen it done before by Xiaomi. Motorola did a great job revealing the tech.

Motorola calls their tech Space Charging and it seems to be ready for behind-the-scenes testing. This is more than Xiaomi can claim despite the fact that they first presented their solution in January 2021. Although it’s unclear when the tech will become available to the public, they are far enough advanced to demonstrate what would appear to be charging at a distance.

Motorola’s preview was posted this week on Weibo and included a few details. The Space Charging technology can be used within a radius of one meter and Motorola stated that they are able to charge up to four smartphones simultaneously within a radius of three meters.

Motorola claimed that they can charge through most obstructions and stop charging in an area where a person is present. This could mean that the tech will need to be tested extensively before it is available for public use. Wireless charging was also tested extensively before being made accessible for everyday users.

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