Reviewers love the Tesla Model S Plaid, even without a Gear Shifter

First reviews have been published, and the Tesla Model S Plaid has proven to be a speed demon.

Early reviews of Tesla’s new car, the Model S sedan, show that people are impressed despite reservations about the redesign of its steering wheel and gear selector.

Last month, Elon Musk was the first to show off the $130,000 Plaid car at a Fremont launch event. The 25 first Plaid cars were delivered. The speedy EV has been extensively tested over the past weeks. It can go from 0-60 mph in just two seconds.

MotorTrend published four Plaid reviews: one was about the yoke steering wheel; another was about speed; a third was about the new interior with a second backseat and new user interface on a now-horizontal touchscreen up front, and a final guide about launching it at record speeds.

The speed test was passed by the Plaid. This allowed Musk to achieve his promised 0-to-60 times in just two seconds.

MotorTrend praised the video-game design for the steering wheel but found that the “yoke” is not very effective when actually driving the car.

The Wall Street Journal praised the Plaid’s quiet ride and quickness. Reviewer Dan Neil said that the Plaid’s thrust and power were “destroyed” in a positive way.

“…the Plaid sometimes had melancholic effects,” Neil wrote. “Man, it will never feel again fast.”

Driver Car and Driver recommend sticking with the redesigned Model S. It is nearly $80,000 cheaper than the more expensive Plaid features and still offers a lot of value. It can go 405 miles on one charge, compared to Plaid’s 390-mile range.

Drew Dorian, a reviewer, wrote that the 1020-hp Plaid model is compelling but has a six-figure asking cost. Unless you need a car with Top Fuel dragster performance, it’s not worth it.

Alex Guberman, the host of ” E For Electric”, looked beyond the terrifyingly fast speeds to test the automatic gear shifter. The Plaid saw Tesla remove the gear selector for the first time. However, there are physical buttons and touchscreen controls.

He was amazed at how quickly he adapted to the lack in gear stalk and how accurately the car predicted whether he would like to reverse, drive or park based upon the car’s position and whether or not the driver had buckled up. (Tesla always had a traditional gear stalk on its right side.

Edmunds was not as enthusiastic about the Tesla variant as the many YouTube experts, but it still gave Plaid high marks despite its high price. Overall, the latest Tesla received an 8.1/10 rating from the car data company. The review recommended that the Long Range “regular”, Tesla Model S be used as a Car and Driver.

Edmunds stated that the Model S is “So, the updated Model S is one of the most efficient EVs available for 2021?” We would agree.

It looks like Plaid’s extra speed justifies its eye-popping high price tag. But maybe it is not enough to make the EV the best all-around.

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