Smartphone is considered to be a distracting toy as said by the Developers of Nothing Phone 1

Carl Pei is OnePlus’ founder and the current face. He has been hyping up the company’s Nothing Smartphone 1 since forever. Although the smartphone world might think it’s over, Nothing has an amazing plan to bring back the fun in smartphones. It’s not folding phones. It is also not a mini phone. It’s not as camera-centric as the Western and Eastern brands of smartphones.

The Nothing Phone 1 is Pei’s attempt to return bloops from the smartphone. This is a way to make your smartphone distracting (more than it already does).

With up to 900 LEDs, the Nothing Phone 1 lets you personalize your phone’s back to make a glyph interface. These enable you to see who is calling and whether your phone charges your wireless earbuds. These LEDs are also useful for creating ringtones and sounds that compliment the colors.

What is the problem? This is not to say that people won’t use most of the features in cases. It’s also true that Nothing has distracting marquee functions.

Now, it is a standard of smartphone etiquette to keep your phone on silent for at least half the time. Smartphones have focus, do not disturb modes that make it easy to turn off endless notifications. This logic can be almost translated to nothing. You won’t be able to see the rear LED lights if your phone is facing up. What does “flip to silence” mean on a No Phone 1?

It does not indicate that you are looking to interact with the world by flipping your phone upside-down. Instead, it’s an invitation to get deeper into your phone and play with it. The phone invites you to use it and keep using it. The People behind Nothing Phone 1 aren’t sure why people use phones. It is either a tool or toy.

The Novelty

Smartphones are boring. But there is an argument. We don’t see more circular phones. And we’re not seeing wild form factors like LG Wing. We’re seeing phones that take great photos, phones with slightly more powerful processors, as well as boring phones that do the same thing every year.

Pei stated in an interview that “you have some large companies and their works are more organized and systemized.” They receive technology roadmaps from partners like Sony, Samsung Display and Qualcomm. This gives them the ability to predict what’s coming next. They also conduct extensive consumer research to get feedback. They examine the market to see what their competitors are doing.

It’s a fantastic product. Amazing things happened in the first days of smartphones. Every year new shiny objects were added. These shiny new products are still being developed, truth to tell. Your phone’s speed, charging time, and screen brightness all increase each year. This is a gradual but steady improvement because we no longer search for the right thing under the darkness. We now know exactly what we want, and are quite skilled at refining it.

All shines after the sun dims

It’s not that important that it provides novelty in a world full of boring smartphones. This is true only for the U.S. There are many folding phones.

Selling novelty by itself is not enough. Once novelty wears out, you will need more to keep your interest. While I was critical of foldable for their shortcomings, they are slowly gaining popularity. You can see the reason. You can see the reason.

Even after you give up on the iPhone 5S and Pixel cameras, your phone will still work great. The best thing? The best thing? The best thing? This leaves you with an android phone that appears to be a standard midrange model. This is not innovation. This can lead to confusion between a tool and a toy.

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