Starlink Internet Will Now Help Prevent Illegal Logging in The Amazon Rainforest

Elon Musk has consistently stated that SpaceX’s Starlink space-based broadband is intended to bring high-speed connectivity to the world’s most neglected locations. According to a recent news release from the Brazilian administration, one of these regions will soon be the Amazonian rainforests, which is home to indigenous populations and, sadly, also the location of illicit deforestation activities. As per a news statement from the Brazilian administration, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk spoke with the government’s telecommunications minister in Texas on Monday to explore the possibility of deploying Starlink to the Amazon jungle. The high-speed space-based internet infrastructure has the potential to deliver several benefits to the community.

However, this is not the end of the story. Starlink might potentially be used to monitor the illicit logging that continues to occur in the Amazon jungle. After all, environmental groups have already employed satellites to detect environment-related calamities such as forest wildfires, etc. Starlink’s satellites might therefore aid in the monitoring of wildfires and illicit deforestation of the Amazon jungle. Reportedly, they working hard to bring this vital relationship between the Brazilian administration and SpaceX to completion, aiming to merge their technology with the Ministry of Communications’ Wi-Fi Brazil program.

The goal is to deliver broadband to rural and distant regions and to assist in the prevention of wildfires and illicit logging in the Amazon rainforest as per Brazil’s Minister of Communications. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated in a video uploaded by Fabio Faria on Twitter that SpaceX is eager to bring much-needed internet access to Brazil’s underserved communities. He was also upbeat about how the satellite internet infrastructure may be used to help protect the Amazon rainforest. They are excited to provide a connection to Brazil’s underserved populations. According to Musk, improving connection, can assist secure Amazon’s survival.

Approximately 1,800 satellites are presently in orbit as part of SpaceX’s Starlink system. As per a presentation submitted earlier this month by the private space corporation, Starlink also serves around 140,000 subscribers in 20 nations as of today. This is only the beginning of it, as SpaceX intends to launch many more Starlink satellites in the near future. As a result, the satellite system may be able to deliver high-quality access even in locations where standard high-speed internet cables cannot reach.

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