WhatsApp's Latest Beta Now Features 37 New Emojis. All You Need To Know

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned online instant messaging app WhatsApp is known for its secure, end-to-end encryption. It is very popular and the developers share the most recent updates to make the app more interesting for users. The messaging app has a variety of GIFs and emojis that make messaging easier. WhatsApp updates the emojis every year and replaces them with newer ones.

According to the latest developments, WhatsApp will get 37 new reaction emoticons on Android 12L as well as iOS15.

Users will be able to express themselves more effectively with the new emojis. Initially, the new set of Emojis was made available to iOS users who have the latest Unicode 14. The company now makes it available to WhatsApp beta users with the Android operating system. Beta version now has a new set of Emojis.

WhatsApp’s latest beta now features 37 new emojis, including a llama, a taco, and a burrito. The update comes as part of the company’s ongoing effort to keep up with the changing trends in communication. Though some users may find the new emoji confusing, they are sure to enhance messaging experiences for those who use them regularly. WhatsApp just added 37 new emojis to their beta update, including ones for food, animals, and more. Emojis are a big part of messaging apps, so it’s always fun to see what updates they make.

The new emojis:

Do you remember the days when you had to type out all of your feelings in text messages? Well, those days are gone and we can now express ourselves with emojis. There are a total of 137 new emojis that was released on August 2nd and they will be available on both iPhone and Android devices.

The old emojis:

In a world where new emojis are released seemingly every day, it can be easy to forget about the old ones. But there are some gems hidden among the new emojis, and they deserve to be remembered. Here are six of the oldest emojis still in use today.

1) The eggplant emoji was first released in 2010 and is still used today. It’s often used to represent Italian cuisine and is also seen as an expression of disgust.

2) The middle finger emoji was initially created as an angry gesture but has since been adopted by people all over the world as a symbol of defiance and self-expression.

WABetaInfo shared a screengrab of the new emojis for beta users. This screenshot shows that there are 37 new Emojis, including melting, saluting, peekaboo emojis, biting lips, and more. Many emojis are available in different skin tones and gender options. Beta testers can only see the new emoji and they can send it out to anyone. However, it will display correctly for those who have the most recent version.

Please note that the beta version of the new set of emojis may not include all of them.

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